“I want to reach the highest rank in welding industry.”

Tranos Contracting Company

What made you choose welding as a career, which is a highly male dominated segment?

I grew up to believe that there’s nothing impossible for me. I do what most of the boys did when I was growing up. I’ve always liked to do a lot of task dominated by men. When the welding career opportunity came, i grasped it wholeheartedly. Moreover, there are scanty ladies into welding in my country, so it was an opportunity for me to enter another area where it’s highly dominated segment.

Could you brief us on your journey so far into welding?

It all started when I got an offer to be trained by Local Content Development Board few years ago. It was a tough at the beginning but it became part of me after a while. I learned welding skills and offshore welding experience. Today, I can do combination welding with the likes of SMAW, TIG, Orbital and GMAW.

 Could you quickly take us to your qualification background?

First and foremost, I had a degree in Computer Science, in one of the top 10 university in Nigeria. I also had IIW certification in SMAW and TIG (Diploma). I went further to acquire IOSH (Working Safely and Managing Safely), ASNT level 1&2 (VT, UT, RT, MPI & PT) and Mechanized TIG Welding. I attended several welding qualification tests centers.

How much of total experience do you hold?

I currently have 4 years plus experience in Welding.

Any welding processes you specialize into?


Could you please share your experience on some of the mega project you worked upon?

I had offshore experience with Subsea 7 on their pipe laying vessel called 7 Antares as Exxonmobil being the client. I was involved actively in these projects: a) Idoho – Edop 24″ 2km CRA pipelaying b) Asabo 24″ pipe laying flare replacement c) Idoho Bp – Qua Iboe Terminal (QIT) pipeline replacement d) Idoho Bp – QIT OSO OQPP of 20″ carbon steel pipe project.

Your current project?

I presently work as a Welder with TRANOS CONTRACTING COMPANY which is located at 22A, acme Road ogba ikeja Lagos State, Nigeria. I also wish to have my own company some day.

When on site, what are the key points you follow during welding for any project? Any suggestions.

I always follow the welding procedure specifications given to me at any point in time. Circumstances may change during welding, so I work based on instructions given to me by the supervisor or welding inspector. I ensure I work safely and comply with relevant safety procedures and regulations.

 Please share some of the interesting anecdotes during your career?

The first time I did my IIW (international institute of welding) examination, the inspector refuse to believe I am a lady , to the extent he sent someone to check me out in the toilet, it was so funny , and he made me believe that a lady can’t weld something like this,  only a Man can do it but I seriously proof him wrong because the woman of now a days can even do it better.

 What is your say on health and safety in welding? How do you consider the same when on job?

Health and safety is very important in welding. It’s something I take very serious, and I’m always safety conscious of my environment whenever I’m on the job. Using appropriate PPE will protect you to a certain point in time of danger. Frequent medical checkup is very vital because you’re on constant exposure to hazards during welding. Moreover, you need to work safe in order to meet your family and love ones in a complete form.

 What kind of challenges do you come across and how do you manage to cope up with the same?

I am been turn down job offer because I am a lady in respective of my qualifications and skills, we hardly get a good paying job, most company’s have doubt in me because I am a lady.

Have you anytime faced gender discrimination on site, as the stream is male dominated?

I have faced a lot of gender discrimination,  due to  my country. After job I am left alone to do the house keeping because I am a lady, I get turn down of job especially offshore jobs , because reason best know to them, I am not always given an opportunity to explore because they feels ladies don’t do hard jobs.

 What are your future plans?

I want to reach the highest rank in welding industry, have a massive welding school and train people to become a welder especially ladies. I aim to create job for the needy by teaching them welding skills.

 Closing message, especially to the female.

No female should be idle or expect a family member to help them. They should learn a skill to earn a living and to desist from any falsehood means of living.