SRI, Kawada introduce 3D welding helmet

SRI Intl. has collaborated with Kawada Technologies Inc. (KTI) and Kawada Industries to develop Xtreme Dynamic Range (XDR) weld visualization technology. This technology, which uses image processing to visualize live weld details to the welder, now has been applied to a 3D welding helmet.
The helmet acquires and synthesizes images as a stereo camera unit. These images are displayed with minimal delay inside the helmet on a head-mounted display as a stereo image. The helmet system runs on wearable, hot-swappable batteries, so it can be used indefinitely in environments that have no external power source.
The wearer can view weld beads, the welded items, and the working environment. The helmet also includes display and recording functions of various real-time welding status parameters related to welding (temperature, voltage, current). The welder’s eyes are completely protected from arcs because the weld is viewed indirectly through the screen in the helmet.