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Best-in-class Unalloyed, Basic-coated Electrode series


    We offer the broadest range of highest quality electrodes manufactured in Bhiwadi, India. Low hydrogen electrodes BOHLER FOX N EV 50, BOHLER FOX N EV 48, Ultra 7018 from our plant in Bhiwadi, India are most popular among fabricators across India and neighboring countries.

    BOHLER FOX N EV 50 is a synonym for quality. It is setting the standard for basic coated E7018 types. BOHLER FOX N EV 50 with “DRY SYSTEM” meets Customer specific requirements like:
    • Easy to weld in nearly every situation and in all welding positions
    • Moisture resistant coating with superior welding performance – perfect for welding on site
    • Easy slag removal, no spatter – lower post weld cleaning costs
    • Tough mechanical properties, crack resistance, high operator appeal, and consistent quality
    • CTOD qualified for offshore applications
    One of the features of BOHLER FOX N EV 48 is that it has the capability to retain mechanical properties even after extended post-weld heat treatment (620 °C for 12 Hours). It gives higher impact properties even at sub-zero temperature.

    Additionally, both the products BOHLER FOX N EV 50 & BOHLER FOX N EV 48 have variants with low impurity raw materials to fulfill the customer need for NACE applications.

    With the recent launch of Ultra 7018 H4 (E7018 H4), we now have complete range of E7018 type electrodes which are best suited for different needs of industries, welding applications and are proudly manufactured at our plant in Bhiwadi, India.

    Every welding engineer knows that the hydrogen content is a decisive factor for a safe and reliable welding seam. This is the reason why we not only produce stick electrodes with a low hydrogen content, we also take care that the coating does not absorb any moisture and offer our DRY SYSTEM packaging as an option, which ensures safe welding with low-hydrogen weld metal up to nine hours after opening.

    Bohler Welding stick electrodes are developed to meet the highest expectations and provide the best solution for your welding job. Whatever your challenge is, wherever you are working and whatever industry it is, you will always find the right electrode in our portfolio.


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