Coherent introduces ExactWeld 410 Laser Welding System


Coherent Corp., a leader in industrial lasers for precision manufacturing, today introduced the ExactWeld 410 laser welding system for medical device manufacturing.

Medical devices are increasingly relied on to improve patient quality of life and longevity, driving the rapidly growing demand for high-quality and high-reliability precision welding in medical device manufacturing. The ExactWeld 410 from Coherent is a new system that excels at the most demanding requirements for precision welding of medical devices. The system is built for optimal cost of ownership with a small footprint that fits into production lines when floor space is a premium, supports a broad range of application and production needs, and provides traceability of process quality.

“This is an exciting micro-welding system built on the new cost-optimized fiber laser technology, the PowerLine FL, that we introduced recently in June,” said Simon Reiser, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Laser Systems & Tools Business Unit. “With the ExactWeld 410, customers can easily retool to produce a wide range of medical devices. This minimizes downtime and protects the investment for the long term.”