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TID : 66982201 | Dept Tender Number : GEM/2023/B/4256110 | Tender Type :Buy

Department of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship for Supply of Drawing Sheet, Eraser, Pencil, Brown Paper, White Board Marker Pen, Paper A4, Ruled Paper, Duster Cloth, Emary Paper 20No, Old Dhoti, Chalk White, LED Bulb 9 Watt, Steno Note Book, Sharpner, Printer Cartridge Samsung, Collin, Curtains, Coloured Pencil, Trace Paper, Amonia Paper, Highlighter, Plane Paper, Lime, M S Flat 50X50x8 mm, M S Flat 60X40x10 mm, Hacksaw Blade, Chalk Coloured, Mobil Oil, Duster, Soap, Towel Large, Poster Colour, Paint Red, Paint Yellow, Paint White, Paint Black, Paint Blue, Painting Brush 50 mm, Varnish Polish, Tarpin Oil, Cello Tape, Duster Black Board, Towel Small, Rin soap, Grease, Stepler Pin, Ball Pen, M S Rod 35 dia, M S Rod 30 dia, M S Square Rod 40 X 40 mm, M S Rod dia 40 mm, Cobalt Bit Size 3by4 X 3by4 X 6 inch, Cobalt Bit Size 1 X 1 X 6 inch, LED Bulb 7 Watt, LED Bulb 12 Watt, M S Flat 10 X 100 X 100 mm, M S Flat 10 X 100 X 50 mm, Electrode 3 mm, Electrode 4 mm, Electrode 2 25 mm, M S Sheet 2 mm, Lead Acid Battery 12 Volt 90 Ah, Epson Eco Tank L3250 All in Printer, HP Smart Tank 585 All in Printer Qty : 2892 at Fatehpur,Uttar Pradesh,India

Classified in :#Adhesive#Battery and Cell#Books And Magazines#Cloth#Cutting Machine#Grinder#Light and Bulb#Lubricant Product#Other Electronic Devices#Paint#Painting Brushes#Paper#Paper Product#Printers#Rod#Soap#Stationery#towel#Welding Electrode and Stores

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Key Date

Tender Bid Submission Date:12-Dec-2023
Days Pending:8Days
Tender Bid Opening Date:12-Dec-2023

Key Location

Tender Location:Fatehpur,Uttar Pradesh,India

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