David Millar


Eur Ing David Millar CEng, CEWE, CIWE, MPhil, FWeld I.


David began his career as a Welder at the Govan Shipyard Glasgow in 1975,

and after his training in 1979 he joined the company NDE dept.

In 1990 he was appointed Quality Control Mgr of the Kvaerner Govan Shipyard in

Glasgow and In 1995 he took up the post as yard Welding Engineering Mgr.

After 21 years’ Service with the yard David left to start up a new company NST

Welding (UK) Ltd (a Subsidiary of Norsk Sveiseteknikk AS of Norway)

And from 1996 to 2020 David was providing technical support to

companies in over 26 countries, specialising in the use of flux & metal cored wires

with ceramic backing tiles for single sided welding.

In May 2020 David was approached by Gullco International to take up the role as

Worldwide Business Development Mgr, a position that would involve him providing

technical support for Gullco’s staff based in Canada, USA, UK, Brazil, India and South

East Asia.

Educational Background

Eur Ing David Millar CEng, was awarded the Diploma in Welding

Engineering from TWI/ Cranfield in 1985, and the Diploma in Mgt Studies

from Caledonian University in 1989. In 1991 he received his Master of

Philosophy Degree in Welding from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

He is a Certified European Welding Engineer, International Welding Engineer,

European Engineer (FEANI)  Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Welding

Institute Cambridge.

He received the Distinguished Service Award from The Welding Institute in

Cambridge in 2013.