Chris Smallbone, President, WildThings NSW, 2017-2022. Exhibition Organiser


2022 WildThings NSW Virtual Welded Art Biodiversity Photographic Exhibition

WildThings NSW is a not-for-profit organisation based in Sydney, Australia with a goal to promote, protect and enhance biodiversity in Ku-ring-gai (a local government area in northern Greater Sydney) and New South Wales (NSW).

WildThings NSW decided to hold the 2022 WildThings NSW Virtual Welded Art Biodiversity Photographic Exhibition and Digital Collection.  We requested organisations and individuals to promote the concept of welded art to encourage the strengthening of biodiversity in all countries- there are more than 30 exhibits from eight countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, UK and USA.

To view the collection use the link:

This Exhibition and Digital Collection is dedicated to the many wonderful people across the world who are working to protect and improve the biodiversity of the planet. WildThings NSW thanks all the artists who have enthusiastically supported the exhibition by generously sharing photographs and information on their sculptures with us.

There has been a fantastic response to the biodiversity messages and high quality of exhibits from the artists ranging from welders, welding instructors through to professional artists-Please enjoy and pass on to your family and friends.

Mr. Chris Smallbone states,“It would be fabulous if we could get this Digital Collection into as many schools, colleges, universities at all levels throughout India to give pupils the opportunity to see the great benefits of both welding and improving and protecting our biodiversity.

Some interesting feedback has been the question as to whether we will create a book from the Digital Collection. WildThings NSW is not in a position to do this on a major scale but is quite happy for organisations such as schools, colleges, universities, Associations etc to professionally print it to give to people in a book form. Our professional printer printed a couple of books by simply printing all the pages, using two staples in the centre and folding it to book form and they look terrific. Interested organisations can contact me and I can send them a file suitable for professional printing.

Such copies could be used to give to students at school, college or university presentations, as a thank-you to people presenting papers at  meetings, to companies as a thank-you gift, to staff to take home to their families, as part of the package for attendees in education programmes, amongst other ideas. The Digital Collection also could be woven into training resources at all levels.

WildThings NSW can be contacted by email to Chris Smallbone,