Mobile dust collectors and fume extractors now updated with nanofiber filter and ePTFE technology


Recently Nederman updated its range of mobile dust collectors and fume extractors with optimized nanofiber filter and ePTFE technology. The optimized filter technology will generate higher efficiency, cost saving due to longer filter life and less energy consumption as well as higher productivity thanks to longer cleaning intervals and less down time.

Airborne dust and fumes are generated in most industrial processes and effects the production as well as the people working in it. Daily exposure of particles can be can hazardous to workers’ health, both short term and long term. Dust in machinery has negative impact on production efficiency, energy consumption, and even the result of the end product. To protect both people and production it´s important to have a proper dust collector or fume extractor that extracts the contamination at the source, before it reaches the workers breathing zone.

In many workshops, a mobile unit is the best and most flexible choice. With the updated nanofiber and ePTFE technology filter media in Nederman’s mobile dust and fume extractors, the mobile units are now more effective than ever. The optimized technologies generate cleaner air with reduced emissions and a healthier work environment. With its increased dust holding capacity and longer filter life the optimized filter has a lower total cost of ownership. Also, longer cleaning intervals generate higher productivity and less down time due to clogged filters in need of a filter change.

What is the advantage of a mobile dust collector or fume extractor?

Extraction at source is the absolute most efficient capturing solution. A mobile unit, such as the Nederman FilterBox or FilterCart, has the clear advantage of getting close to wherever extraction is needed. The mobile units are flexible and easy to move around in your workshop, or around the object you work on, and their extraction arm enables you to get even closer to the source and extract the dust or fume before it reaches the workers breathing zone, or spreads in the surroundings.

Both Nederman FilterCart and FilterBox are available in several designs to meet your specific demands. All of our units are now updated with the new, optimized technology. You can also upgrade your existing unit with a new optimized filter. All FilterCart units can now be updated with nanofiber filter technology. All FilterBox units can be upgraded with the new high efficiency ePTFE cartridge and all FilterBox with pneumatical cleaning can be upgraded with the new nanofiber cartridges.

What are Nanofiber filter and ePTFE technology?

Nanofiber is a synthetic polymer fiber whereas ePTFE is a membrane. Both are applied on the top of the filter media and have surface loading properties. This enables the filter media to collect the particles on the surface of the filter, preventing the particles to penetrate into the depth of the media, and thereby the risk of clogging. The surface-loading significantly improves the ability to clean the filter which leads to higher productivity and less down time. The nanofiber filter and ePTFE technologies also make the filter media achieve full capacity immediately. It is extremely efficient in capturing sub-micron particles and collects more and smaller particles than any other filter media.