“I always prefer working as per the given standards, and I’m sure, this is the right way to complete any project.”


M.Sc.,  Darko Nikolovski, Mechanical Engineering, IWE
Welding engineering specialist with continuous experience in :
– Steel structures,
– pressure vessels
– Storage tanks
– Oil & Gas industry and petrochemical projects in consultant and inspection companies experienced in material selection, preparing, commenting & approving contractor’s procedures and specifications (QA/QC) of pressure vessels, tanks and boilers including ITP, WPS, PQR, Weld Map, WPQ, PMI, NDE Map, PWHT, PFHT, Hydrotest, Air Leak test, Painting, Pickling & Passivation.
Great knowledge of standards EN 1090, EN 3834, EN 14731, EN 1011, API 650, ASME
Ensure contractors QA/QC documentation compilation satisfies project specifications & is of sufficient detail to reflect their scope of work.
Assist with / support and participate in any Quality related issues / manufacturing / inspection as required.
Having deep knowledge of materials characteristics including :
– carbon steels,
-low alloy steels,
high alloy steels,
-stainless steels and non-ferrous materials and alloys.
Expertise in different kinds of welding processes (SMAW, SAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW,etc), defects in welds and causes, heat treatment, mechanical testing of materials and corrosion control.
What made you choose welding as a career?
I went to high school to learn all about machine technician. My love for technology has been there since I was a child. The decision to be a Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was decided by me well in advance.  When I was choosing Welding as a profession, I had an opinion that welding is a crucial skill, required in all industries and that made me encouraged to learn more in Engineering.
How much of total experience do you have?
I have 12 years of experience, 9 years as a Welding engineer with IWE certificate, and 3 years as a Research and Development Manager. I have work on various projects, according to the standards like EN 1090, EN 3834, ASME and AWS.

Since you hold a vast experience in the welding segment, what is your say on the current welding market scenario?
Welding Engineering, as a segment is moving towards its growth, and the market scenario is currently in good condition. Today, many look forward to opt welding engineering as a career.

What according to you is required to boost the welding industry in India?
I have several friends from India, who are a great Welding Engineers.  They in some ways contribute to move forward the welding industry. But, inorder to make a vast change and development in the welding industry, there is a need for India to invest more in the secondary schools for Welding. Globally, there is huge deficit of welders and welding engineers.

What type of projects have you worked upon?
I have an experience of working on various mega projects like Hydropower plant, Thermal power plant, Steel bridges, De-dusting systems fabrication and assembly, welding repair, pipelines, steel structures etc.
Could you brief us on your recent project? What is it all about and your role into the same?
One of the recent project was manufacturing and installation of new hot deep galvanizing furniture.  Different kind of materials and pipes of various diameters was included in the project.  Many new welding procedures were involved, and this project had a lot of NDT inspection. Many welders contributed to the successful completion of the project. The project was completed on time and with a planned budget . I was the Head of the welding department at Assembly Unit, wherein I had to coordinate with all the welding activities on site.
Tell me about the most challenging engineering project that you have been involved with during the past year.
I had worked on a project of assembling new arc furnace. This project involved all new equipment and a lot of welding of thick steel plates (up to 100 mm). This project was one among the most challenging, but I did have a lot to learn from it.
Talk about your field responsibilities in your current organization?
This year I have decided to work as a freelance Welding Engineer Consultant. There is lot of companies, globally, that need consultation from Welding Engineer, especially from experience engineers.
In this Digital era, it’s not enough to know only welding skill, rather, there is a need to be good at data and analyzing. I worked on several projects at Microsoft Sharepoint that is compatible for Metal fabrication companies.  I always prefer working as per the given standards, and I’m sure, this is the right way to complete any project.
What is your say on safety at work?
Safety first. I always say this. It is the most important thing. Any management first priority should be safety, by following all the necessary rules and regulations.
What new engineering specialty skills have you developed during the past year?
I have learned all about welding robots, collecting data, Industry 4 together with BIM technology. I was studying a lot during the past 3 years, inorder to implement BIM standards in my previous company. BIM is nothing more than Collaboration and Cooperation.
Have you contributed to any cost savings for your company? Elaborate if any.
Every engineer thinks on how to make the best quality in the easiest way. I have developed and organized Microsoft Sharepoint, a digital process for traceability of welding and everything related of welding.
Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
I see myself as a Welding Consultant with a team of welding engineers that will work on multiple projects all over the world.