KUKA cell4_arc


KUKA cell4_arc

KUKA cell4_arc c KP1M single KR. 

With its optimally-coordinated components and tried-and-tested arc welding standards, our KUKA arc robot cell is the ideal solution for your automated welding requirements.

The KUKA cell4_arc robotic cell adapts perfectly to your production volume and specific manufacturing requirements. It can be equipped with various positioning units as well as hardware and software options, and can thus be configured to provide a tailor-made solution for a wide range of profiles.

Variants of KUKA robot cell for MIG/MAG welding

KUKA cell4_arc is available in different variants. Depending on component size and production volume, it is equipped with manual or automatic positioners for cycle-time parallel loading and unloading during the welding process and optimum synchronization with the robot motion.

KUKA cell4_arc with manual 1-axis rotary table and one robot

The entry-level solution for automated gas metal arc welding:

KUKA cell4_arc with 3-axis positioner and two robots

KUKA cell4_arc m KP3-V2H dual KR.
Compact solution for industrial  arc welding (GMAW):

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