The machine concept MULTI is designed by MS Ultrasonic Technologies Group for processing in multiple positions in a single part handling.

  • Several machining positions and process steps in a single machine
  • Short sequence times and optimized process flow due to parallel loading and machining sequence
  • Precise positioning and adherence to tolerances due to workpiece clamping
  • Reproducibility and quality monitoring via process documentation
  • Optimized solution for series production of complex components

Your benefit

  • Several processing steps in single parts handling
  • Optimal cycle time: loading and unloading parallel to the welding process
  • High productivity through shorter cycle times
  • Modular design for optimal flexibility
  • Up to 60% of all standard work pieces can be processed
  • Punching process can be combined with other processes such as welding, deburring or embossing
  • Low-maintenance drive with electronic control of the punch module

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