Selco Weld –Genesis , Welding Innovation , Efficiency & Technological Excellence


Selco Weld –Genesis 
Welding Innovation
Efficiency & Technological Excellence

Genesis power sources are equipped with Selco iPanel control panels incorporating graphic displays and an intuitive user interfaced that are unique in their field.
Robot Ready
Selco Genesis can be used in automatic and/or robotised welding systems by installing the dedicating operating software. Selco’s automatic welding power sources are complete with all the hardware and software components needed for use in any application
Green Welding

Genesis are equipped with green@wave® patented technology for extremely high efficiency in mains current absorption (PF=1), according to European Standard EN61000-3-12
Weld@Net System
Selco’s exclusive Weld@Net® Production Control Monitor software lets you control a number of power sources simultaneously from your PC, as well as display and adjust all their welding parameters. Weld@net® PCM also lets you calculate and verify the quality and productivity of automatic and manual welding systems using an advanced production and cost reporting system.