7500 Series FiberStar Welding System


FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Machines
(CW and/or Pulse Fiber Engine Output)

FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Machines offer a significant competitive advantage for today’s aerospace, electronics, medical device and micro component assembly marketplace subject to stringent quality requirements.
Fiber laser welding technology produces a sharp, focused light beam that consistently melts a very small area of metal. The benefit of the technology is that very little heat is generated at the weld point allowing users to easily weld > 0.025mm from complex, heat sensitive, intricate parts while providing unparalleled parameter flexibility from 0 – 100% duty cycle.
Designed to the highest standards of reliability, repeatability, and user safety, all FiberStar manual laser welding systems offer a factory sealed, maintenance-free laser source designed for more than 30,000 hours of operation.
FiberStar Fiber Laser Welding Machines are ideal for a wide range of complex alloys and applications including: Medical Device Components, 300 Series Stainless Steel, Aerospace and Electronics, Nitonol, Titanium, Platinum, Automotive and Micro Components, and Many Complex Alloys.
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