Model WS625 Weld Shaver


WS625 Weld Shaver is designed by Heck Industries to machine flat surface butt welds flush. The company has used replaceable carbide inserts installed on a revolving milling type cutter head that has an adjustable height of cut to allow the user to lower the head to a position to remove the base material in a very clean, fast, efficient manner that is much safer than grinding.

  • Double Insulated
  • Adjustable handle positions for comfortable operation
  • Trigger operation with lock
  • Specially designed gear drive motor
  • Milling Cutter head with 8 replaceable carbide inserts
  • Fast cutting at 6 feet per minute
  • ½” Width of cut in a single pass
  • 4 HP, 110 Volt, 50/60hz
  • Weight 24 pounds

For More Info:
 Tel: 1-810-632-5400