“I never loss hope in whatever I do.”


Bhunja Shankar Durga, Welder, Kemppi India Pvt Ltd
Tell us a little about yourself?
I am Bhunja Shankar Durga from Dharamgarh (ODISHA), working at Kemppi India Pvt Ltd as a welding demonstrator.
What made you choose welding as a career?
After my completion of 10thstandard, I started working in SEPCO III as a welding helper.  I thought of working for 6 -7 months and then to continue my further studies. But due to some family problems and financial issues, was unable to continue my studies. I never lost my hope, and thus started focusing on welding as my career.
What type of projects you’re currently working upon?
Currently, I am a welding demonstrator, wherein I demonstrate advanced welding equipment’s to customers from various sectors like ship building, structural application, presser vessel, automobile and general fabrication industries. Besides, I also provide product welding training to our customers.
Can you describe on some of the mega projects you worked upon in the past?
Yes.  I worked in Vedanta 9×135 MW power plant at Jharsuguda district of Odisha. The other project was the Aditya Birla Power Plant (900 MW), wherein I worked as a IBR Qualified-TIG welder.
Your say on Safety at Work. How do you consider the same when on site?
Safety is very important in welding, before you start welding, one need to check all the electrical wire connection, if they are proper, the work area should be clean, and the most important one is to wear all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
You were awarded the Best Welder in India under the structural category by IIW. Congratulations. Please share your experience.
I was in cloud nine when I got a first price for Best welder in Structural Category. With this, I would like to suggest all the junior welders to always study and understand the process, and practice well.
Your also represented India at the Arc Cup held in Shanghai during June 2017. Please elaborate.
After I got selected as a Best Welder for Structural Category, I represent India for Arc Cup, which was held in Shanghai (China). During the 1st day when I saw all the competitors, I was a little nervous. But then I just closed my eyes and realized my strength. After that, we went to TAYOR INSTUTITE for the practice session, wherein I got some idea and learned about time management to complete the job.
What is your greatest strength, and how does it help you as a Welder?
My strength is my hand steadiness and I have confidence in myself. As a welder, I never loss hope in whatever I do.
Can you please share an incident of a toughest welding job you have come across?
When I was working for Aditya Birla Power Plant project under Bhawani Infra, I was a TIG welder. This type of welding application was totally new to me. Despite, my quality engineer told that I did all the pipe joints with 100% RT pass. I was amazed. This was one among the toughest welding job for me. With this project, I gained a lot of experience and confidence thereafter.
Right from the time you started your career till date, what has been your learning so far? Any new skills you have learned?
There are many things which I learnt during my career. Some of them are like Spoken English.  When I joined Kemppi, I was unable to speak English. But today, I can very well manage to speak English in front of the customer and explain them about our products. Besides, I have learnt various welding processes like MIG welding, aluminum welding, pulse welding, etc.
Availability of skilled welders is a major problem in India. All the skilled welders opt to work abroad. Your say. Any expectations from the government to push the skilled welders work for projects in India?
The skilled welders in India are getting very less salary. This is the reason why the welders usually prefer working abroad. Government should take necessary actions inorder to promote skill development in welding and increase employment opportunities.