MOTOMAN AR series expanded by state-of-the-art welding robot models – from large to small

YASKAWA has expanded its welding robot portfolio of the MOTOMAN AR series by no less than six new models with working ranges of 727 to 3,120 mm. A wide choice of accessories can be mounted for machining a multitude of workpieces.
The 6-axis precision robots of YASKAWA’s AR series were specially developed to meet the exacting requirements in the field of arc welding. They enable shorter process times, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Due to their slim build, the flexible and extremely fast manipulators require only a small footprint. The use of robots promotes integrated manufacturing concepts for optimised process times and a high level of efficiency in production.
Six welding robots with convincing capabilities
The two compact MOTOMAN AR700 and MOTOMAN AR900 robots score points with a high welding quality and repeatability. They are well-suited to simple welding applications without major programming work, primarily with shorter welding seams, e.g. tack welding or joining of sub-assemblies.
The MOTOMAN AR900 can also be installed in the recently introduced turn-key robot inert gas welding cells of the ArcWorld portfolio. The success formula of ArcWorld cells is simple: AR900 robot, dual-station manual turntable, controller and power source. Compactly combined on a platform, all components are and immediately ready to operate, guaranteeing top YASKAWA quality for the welding of a wide range of small workpieces.
The medium-sized MOTOMAN AR1440 was specially developed to satisfy the exacting requirements in arc welding, with the aim of achieving optimum results in adverse conditions. With its payload of up to 12 kg, space for the hose package with integral media routing and a maximum working range of 1,440 mm it facilitates simple machining of bulky workpieces while ensuring high-quality results. Due to the slight curvature of the lower arm, perfect welding seams are also possible on parts that are difficult to access. Air ducts and media connections are integrated into the base, extending the working range of the main axis (S-axis) to 340 degrees.
In welding robot types AR1440, AR1730, AR2010 and AR3120 the wire feed can be mounted on the third axis to permit close-up work with a central supply of welding wire to the welding torch.
With its extremely high payload of up to 25 kg, the powerful and dynamic MOTOMAN AR1730 offers the optimum prerequisites for double wire or twin applications. Combined with its maximum working range of 1,730 mm, it has the highest drive performance in its class. The robot’s fast motion sequences reduce cycle times and its slim, slightly arched design avoids collisions between the fixtures and components.
The MOTOMAN AR2010 boasts an impressive working range of 2,010 mm. With its high payload of up to 12 kg it is suitable for welding large, bulky components, e.g. vehicle frames, skips, trailers or containers.
The largest and most powerful model, the MOTOMAN AR3120, covers a formidable working range of 3,120 mm. With a high payload of up to 20 kg it is likewise ideal for welding large, bulky components. Its hollow arm design ensures the space-saving routing of the hose package through the arm to the wrist, incurring less wear.
High quality, productivity and path accuracy
The fast and precise 6-axis robots of the MOTOMAN AR series not only guarantee a high degree of path accuracy; due their design they are also easy to clean. Without further modification they can tackle welding tasks in harsh environments. The slim and curved design enables the manipulators to delve deep into the workspace. Nor has the economic aspect been overlooked: simple operation, fast commissioning and proper maintenance contribute to low operating costs.
All models of the MOTOMAN AR series work with the flexible and fast YRC1000 high-performance controller for MOTOMAN robots that is also included. This extremely compact controller facilitates optimum use of space and incorporates helpful functions from over 40 years of experience that support the welding process.
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