For large metallic components, WAAM is the most promising and fastest 3D printing technology. With WAAM we can design, print and fully qualify metal parts to the highest standards of quality. It offers you greater efficiency and shorter lead times, allowing you to revolutionize how you manage your assets.

How does the Metal Additive Manufacturing work?
WAAM uses an welding Arc -Fronius Cold Metal Transfer Technology- CMT, controlled by a robotic arm is utilized here to melt metal wire directly onto the surface of the base, layer by layer.

How does it impact the supply chain?
WAAM does more than create a physical product, it offers the ability to cut down physical storage costs and improve your supply chain efficiency by manufacturing parts on demand.

How flexible is the process?
WAAM offers the opportunity to shape the part you need in a variety of materials. It provides total freedom to create new designs and new functionalities.

Who should participate in this WAAM course?
IIW-INDIA is the certification authority for the course. The participants shall be from the welding fraternity who are aspiring welding Engineers, Technologists, Technocrats, Managers, Robotic operators, Academicians, Research scholars and Engineering degree/post-graduate students can also participate in this program.

Program Date & Venue:
Three-day program starting from 22nd August to 24th August 2022.
Venue: Fronius India Private Limited, Innovation and Skill Center at Bengaluru, Gurugram and Pune.
Contact Personnel for Course Details and Payment Details:

Mr. Devendra Gope
Fronius India Private Limited
+91 73910 95741 / 70463 42786
Email: gope.devendra@fronius.com 

Mr. Indranil Basu
Indian Institute of Welding
Ph.: +91 9830123968
Email: iiw@iiwindia.com