Due to the exceptional oxidation characteristics of aluminum and its adverse impact in the MIG welding process, Nexalloy has developed technology to minimize the oxidation of the welding electrodes.:

Bernard Masnyk,
Founder, Nexal Aluminum Inc.

Nexal Aluminum Inc, being one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminum Welding Consumables and Aluminum Wire Products, how has been the journey so far?

A lifetime with the aluminum industry and over 40 years in the manufacturing of aluminum bare electrodes has been nothing short of a fascinating experience.

Nexalloy is the preferred aluminum welding wire electrode in high volume fabrication operations. Could you brief us on the involvement for some of the mega engineering and fabrication projects?

 The increasing expectations of the demand of the welding industry needed to be satisfied with increasing levels of performance of welding wires. This was achieved through optimization of the metallurgical and metallographic characteristics of welding electrodes.

 The company’s products are of deep metallurgical knowledge and new production technology since 1973. Could you update us on some of the recent developments and innovations?

Due to the exceptional oxidation characteristics of aluminum and its adverse impact in the MIG welding process, Nexalloy has developed technology to minimize the oxidation of the welding electrodes.

The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology offers exceptionally consistent products required for both robotic and manual welding processes. Could you brief us on your products range?

The appearance of Nexalloy welding wire, namely cleanliness, shininess and feedability are the most desirable features of Nexal welding wires.

We would want to know more about Nexal’s manufacturing facility?

Nexal’s manufacturing facility is the result of continued process development and innovation of materials and application of most current control technology.

Which are your targeted sectors? How has been the response so far?

Nexal marketing is primarily focused on the North American market with an opportunistic attitude on growing overseas markets.

What is the company’s effort towards maintaining the quality of products?

In addition to technology, the maintenance of quality of products is also achieved and maintained with the experience of its dedicated employees.

Could you brief us on Nexalloy greener products, which states that it contributes to the betterment of the welder environment?

Nexal was amongst the first manufacturers to eliminate the use of elements such as berylliumin the production of aluminumalloys.

What is your view on the current Aluminum Welding Consumables and aluminum wires market scenario globally, and in India?

Global warming concerns are favoring the use of Aluminum in general and in transportation in particular.

How has been the market response, especially in India for Nexal Aluminum? Any expansion plans?

India is experiencing an exceptional period of economic growth and as such is a very attractive for aluminum welding products. Nexal is responding to numerous opportunities in India.

Which are your targeted countries?

Nexal targeted countries are North American markets as well as South Asian markets.

The welding industry is largely encouraging the women in welding. Share your views.

Welding would seem like a natural field for women. In fact I am aware of a company that has developed a welding school for women and keeps the best students for its own welding operation.

What are your future plans?

My personal future plan is to continue to prepare Nexal Aluminum management for futures challenges.

Closing message.

One of our long time sales manager had voiced a comment regarding the stability of the welding industry at every level of the industry where very few personal changes are noticed over very long periods of time. It is I believe, a good testimony of the consistency message for employment and career.